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Laser Innovations Inc

4050 E Leaverton Ct

Anaheim CA 92807

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Welcome to Laser Innovations, your source for various chassis, exhaust, suspension, and UTV components. Laser Innovations offers a selection of weld on tabs and brackets at a wholesale price. We manufacture large runs of each weld on tab, bracket, and flange we stock in order to keep our products affordable and cost effective.

Customers benefit from high end manufacturing methods without the minimum setup cost associated with these processes. Our tabs and brackets are made from the highest quality steels and are precisely laser cut to the highest of tolerances. Do not use cheaply stamped or flame cut tabs with sloppy edges and lower quality steel. Buy the best products for your next project.

Laser Innovations has been commercial laser cutting since 1999 and has been exploring cnc laser cutting technology ever since. We design, manufacture and performance-match critical component to excel in the most demanding environments. We are a versatile job shop with 3 Mitsubishi Lasers machines, a Trumpf CNC press brake, an Omax waterjet machining center, and a full service welding department. Our Lasers have the ability to cut maximum thicknesses of 1" A36 or 4130, 1/2" Stainless Steel, and 3/8" Aluminum. Our Waterjet machining center has the ability to cut a maximum thickness of 6" in all materials except tempered glass.

Our Laser division has an extensive network of showrooms across the country – more than 35,000 square feet filled with the latest laser cutting and metalworking automation equipment. It’s here where we showcase our products – execute test cuts, run customer demos and develop solutions for your new or existing fabrication applications.