Laser Cutting

Our laser division utilizes the latest fiber optic cutting technology. However, having a fiber laser without automation would have the machine idling more than cutting. To compliment these ultra-fast machines the lasers are equipped with sheet loading automation. We can load a whole day of cutting at once. As a result, the automation cuts our lead time way down and provides very flexible production schedules. In other words, we have the ability to run 24/7 and lights out. More importantly, we offer a 24 hour turn around service.

Waterjet Cutting

As an Anaheim sheet metal cutting company, we offer water jet cutting so that we can facilitate unique requests and complete intricate design work that was previously impossible with traditional fabrication methods. It's easier to answer what materials can't be cut with a waterjet. An abrasive waterjet can cut virtually anything.Waterjets can cut aluminum, brass, bronze, carbon fiber composite, ceramic, copper, fiberglass, glass, granite, Kevlar, marble, stainless steel, titanium, tungsten and a lot more.


Our press brake department uses cutting edge Servo-electronic brakes for more than 30% higher productivity and 50% energy savings over traditional press brakes. Fully offline programmed and virtually simulated, your products will be formed precisely to your specs.


The team of welders at Laser Innovations are experts at their craft. We can build full assemblies to your specs by using either MIG or TIG welding. We have multiple welding stations and can ramp up production to your needs.

CAD Design and Reverse Engineering

Those looking for Anaheim sheet metal companies should look no further than Laser Innovations.

We are true experts in the field of custom fabrication and can turn your concept or design into a perfectly manufactured product. With the help of the latest laser scanning tools, we can reverse engineer your product for production.

We pride ourselves on being an Anaheim custom fabrication company that can turn a design into a useable product and handle jobs of all sizes.