Laser Cutting Technology

Laser Innovations has been a commercial laser cutting company since 1999. We have been exploring advanced sheet metal technology ever since. Our machines are 5 times faster than a conventional CO2 laser because we utilize the latest fiber laser technology . Our fiber lasers can also cut copper, brass and aluminum much better than conventional lasers due to the beam wavelength. The laser beam is more readily absorbed and not reflected. Ultimately, the fiber laser consumes typically half the electricity of traditional lasers.

High-end Manufacturing Methods

Our customers benefit from high-end manufacturing methods without the huge cost associated with these machines. Our products are made from the highest quality steels and are precisely manufactured to the highest of tolerances. We design, manufacture, and perform on critical components to excel in the most demanding environments. We gain rapid efficiency by using state of the art manufacturing technology. More importantly, most customer jobs are completed in 3-5 days. If requested, jobs can be done in less than 24 hours.

Exceptional Customer Service

Whether you are a contractor looking for custom duct work, a designer needing a complex concept produced, or a company looking to have a specific part created, we can help. We are passionate and dedicated to their work, and it is evident in everything that we do.

We put our customers first, which means getting creative and coming up with innovative solutions to get the job done. You can count on us for all of your Southern California precision sheet metal needs, knowing that we can take a job from prototype to completion with accuracy.

Our Team

Our team of highly-trained experts focuses on delivering products with incredible workmanship and accuracy. Therefore, our quality control is second to none, which ensures customer satisfaction.

When you work with Laser Innovations, you know that you are getting fair and reasonable pricing without compromising on quality or technique. We leverage modern technology whenever possible, to improve the quality of your products.